Heather Vickery

Ready? Set: Commit!
Life & business coach Heather will kick off our time together by making sure we are ready to commit to fully immersing ourselves in the next three days!
To wrap things up, Heather will help us with setting goals, committing to them and following though, to get the absolutely most out of your Inspire experience!


instructor & team member


Kenny Clapp

Kenny will help you tackle off-camera flash during receptions, and finding creative ways to make magical portraits - oh, and he is also going to be in charge of the coolest headshots ever for our attendees!


SPEAKER & instructor


Nicole Chan

Follow along with Nicole as she shows you all the tips and tricks in order to make ugly and boring spaces look absolutely amazing!




courtney thompson
Catie bane

In this class we will use the principles of attracting positive energy to create a vision board to manifest our own desires and goals. Creating a vision board is an important tool for positivity in your self growth and self motivation.
A vision board can inspire healthy thinking and help create organization in achieving your most treasured intentions.


SPEAKER & instructor


Kesha Lambert

Kesha’s classes will cover how to make your clients feel comfortable in front of your camera in order to get the most authentic portraits, and how to incorporate movement into our portrait sessions!


speaker & INSTRUCTOR


Makayla Jade

Makayla is tackling ALL things in-Person Sales at Inspire! From in-depth classes on how to get started, to how to make it successful, to hands-on photo walks on how to light and pose sessions to maximize your profit, she will teach it all!
And…she is a fierce karaoke singer as well!




Alexsandra Wiciel

Join Alex as she leads a group through a bunch of crazy unexpected lighting situations, where you have no time, no plan and need to think outside ALL the boxes in order to create magic!
Then, submit your work for blind critiques by a panel of your peers and learn what other people see in your work and how it makes them feel!



Petronella Lugemwa_Photo Credit SYPhotography_078812.jpg

Petronella Lugemwa

Petronella will help you discover your WHY, help explain what exactly your WHY is, and why it matters so much to know it, so it can help you become a more successful photographer!




Gerald Lovelace

Gerald is in charge of making a rad recap video for this year’s Inspire - but not only that, he will also lead a photo walk on recreating an inspiration portrait from scratch: from lighting to wardrobe and location, all by only using what’s around and in your camera bags!




Jacklyn Greenberg

Jacklyn will help you learn to overcome your fears and elevate your client's experience. By focusing on changing our own mindset, you'll learn to provide your clients with meaningful and honest artwork that will transform their lives, leading to sales that will transform your businesses as well! Create evangelists who will prove the power of print is real and promote your business for you!




robert norman

Encaustic Printing! Come get your hands dirty together with Robert Norman and create a unique and beautiful encaustic print to take home!


SPEAKERs & instructors

HS_Jeremie_Barlow_Photography-155 2 (1).jpg

Heather KanoFsky & Susan Turnock

(gifts for the good life)
Branding gurus and gifting geniuses Heather and Susan are on deck to not only teach us all the importance of collaborative brand story-telling but to also lead a fun and exciting hands-on workshop!





Learn how to maintain a consistent brand image on social media which key to cultivating a loyal client base and attracting new potential clients. EJ, the CEO of crowdMGMT (a celebrity brand and talent management firm) has his finger on the pulse of what works when it comes to combining your brand image and social media to grow your business, and will share his ideas and tips on how to do so.


SPEAKER & team Member


Laura DeCarlo

I woke up one day and decided to leave behind eight+ years of hard work and networking towards creating a successful wedding photography business, in order to focus completely on boudoir. Come hear my story, I’ll provide the spiked cider ;)


headshot Paulette.jpg

paulette griswold

"Rewilding" sessions are intimate portrait experiences inspired by the forces of nature, magic, and the sacred feminine. Blending portrait, boudoir, nature and fine art photography, my projects are dedicated to self-love, storytelling, inner work and outer boundaries. A little sexy, a little witchy, a lot of fun and absolutely no shame - join me as we take a walk through nature and create some rewilding magic together!



uriah decarlo

Creating an ad on Facebook can be a daunting task!
In this talk, I'll go the very basics of how to create a targeted ad on Facebook (and Instagram), from what each option is for, to bidding for placements, what exactly Facebook pixel is/does, and how to use your ad results to re-target potential clients.
You'll be able to take the information learned here and apply it to creating ads specific to your ideal target audience!

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