Are you looking to expand your #inspire2018 experience by showing up early, and adding on a more in-depth workshop? Then these intensive classes are just what you are looking for! Our crew of kickass instructors will be leading a wide range of classes, including hands-on shooting, editing and posing seminars, as well as comprehensive and honest roundtable discussions geared towards improving your business, and your life.

Monday Morning Intensive Workshops are optional and an additional fee.
You need to be registered for #inspire2018 to be able to sign up for any of these workshops. Space is very limited per class, and will be filled on a first registered, first served basis. Refreshments are provided for all intensive classes.

Check out the workshop leaders below, and then click on any of them to nab a spot and sign up to get your all-out learn on! 



Roundtable - Into the Depths

We'll dive quickly and deeply into what's ailing you -- YOU, specifically -- in this one-on-one meets group mashup of truth and vulnerability and laughter and (probably) tears and all the ways we fight so hard to not feel the things that we most need to feel.  

Limited to 10 participants
Duration: 3 hours (break provided)
Need: an open mind, honesty and courage. Also, tissues.

Read some of Kristen's poetry HERE



Roundtable - Conquering the Luxury Market.

With over 16 years of experience in the luxury wedding and event industry, as the second-in-command at David Beahm Experiences, Christina knows the ins and outs of what luxury clients and event planners are looking for when it comes to hiring a photographer. 
She will share what helps a photographer stand out, what it is really like to be a part of a creative team for large-scale, exclusive events, what planners and designers are looking for from their visual team, and how to cultivate longstanding relationships with creative partners.

Christina will also give in-depth portfolio reviews from a luxury planner's perspective, answering why her team would or wouldn't hire you, based on your online presence and what you show the world. 

Limited to 12 participants
Duration: 3 hours (break provided)
Need: laptop, portfolio, access to website

Some of David Beahm Experiences' work: 



Getting Real: The Truth-Teller Photographer.

Our lives are made up of millions of moments. Somewhere, within these moments, we become who we are. We all have unique stories to tell with memories that deserve a voice. So, Let’s be honest and let’s get real.  Let’s learn to preserve those moments that will become family heirlooms.  Join me on a half day, small group intensive workshop, where we will explore a documentary approach to family photography. We will discuss the techniques and methods of shooting, philosophies of creating family narratives, and finding your voice within them.  

Limited to 10 participants
Duration: 3-4 hours (break provided)
Need: camera gear

Some of Casey's work: 



Hands-on - Fine Art Portrait Lighting and Posing.

Learn how to light a portrait in an easier, yet similar style to Vanity Fair photographers Annie Leibovitz + Mark Seliger. We'll teach you the recipe, you bring the hot sauce!

You will learn some basic principles behind the low key portrait. Explore different modifiers to achieve the look you want, and spend time photographing different models working to achieve beautiful Fine Art portraits with posing and lighting.

The second half of our workshop will consist of editing and post-processing, and reviewing our work. 

Limited to 12 participants
Duration: 3-4 hours (break provided)
Need: laptop, editing software, camera gear

Some of Kenny's work: 




Hands-On - Inventive newborn Portraiture Styling.

International award winning photographer Tracy Sweeney of Élan Studio will demonstrate inventive ways to style newborns to craft images beyond ordinary newborn portraiture. Tracy will show you how to make your newborn images emotional and distinguishable, so they stand out and drive more leads, in a saturated newborn photography market.
1. Style newborns to create images that evoke emotion
2. Learn how to craft distinguished newborn portraits that capture attention and drive more leads
3. Explore ways to separate your newborn photography in a saturated market.

Limited to 6 participants
Duration 4 hours (break provided)
Need: laptop, editing software, camera gear

Some of Tracy's work: 



Hands-on - F**k Photoshop.

In this intensive class, we go deeper, focusing on framing your subjects, scoping out a space for potential awesomeness, even more nifty tricks and sneaky tips for creating killer in-camera images, and working on adding new and exciting work to our portfolios as we follow a couple through a faux-wedding day, from the Prep to the Party. 

Afterwards, we will sit down and go through our images together, and I'll show you how I tweak them with minimal effort, and how you can deliver seriously cool photos to your clients without ever needing Photoshop. 

Limited to 9 participants
Duration: 4 hours (break provided) 
Need: laptop, camera gear, OCF, triggers

Some of Alexsandra's work: 



Roundtable - A Half Day Transformative Workshop to Prime You for Success

Start your Inspire week off right by joining Success Coach, Heather Vickery, for a hands-on workshop on cultivating professional and personal balance and abundance through self-care, communication, and authentic living. This workshop empowers you to take control of your life and the
path toward your vision by offering practical tools to help you become more proactive creators of your own success.

Heather will share her “5 Rules for Success” including clear goal-setting, creating boundaries, and taking responsibility for your success. This workshop will show you how to get clear on your vision and uncover what stops you from reaching your dream. Learn tools to help identify the fears
and pain points that keep you stuck. Heather will show you how to get unstuck and into action through proven tools, systems, and strategies for success!

You will leave this intensive fired up and ready to maximize your Inspire experience.

Limited to 20 participants
Duration: 4 hours (break provided)
Need: Access to your website, notebook, laptop (optional)

Learn more about Heather here: