Kristen Kalp

How to N̶o̶t̶ F*ck It Up.
We'll cover all the ways I've learned to f*ck it up faster, harder, and with more joy than anyone else, which inevitably leads to reaching a sense of fulfillment faster, harder, and with more joy than anyone else.  What, exactly, are we f*cking up?  Pricing, marketing, relationships, scheduling, productivity, name it.  There are patterns at play that affect every aspect of your life with regards to failing, so we'll examine many facets of the gem known as Failure.



Mike Allebach

You CAN Sit With Us: Creating space for belonging
Learn how to get press coverage, build community and live the life you never thought was possible with your photography business.  Thrive and grow your tribe when other businesses are failing or lowballing to get clients. As with all good stories this one will be raw and uncensored. 


Susan Stripling

While being a “natural light wedding photographer” is having a moment, Susan Stripling firmly believes that having a knowledge of flash and artificial light will enable you to create images in any scenario with ease.  During this presentation, Susan will teach you how to create artificial light that mimics natural light.  You’ll learn how to easily light family groupings, create sun when there is no sun for portraits, and photograph beautifully lit receptions without that dreaded “flash look."



Manolo Doreste

Enhancing The Client Experience
Let’s face it, things have changed lately when it comes to actually closing new clients when they come your way. Creating a flawless new client experience is key to converting the most inquiries to actual bookings (which is what we all need, amiright?). In Enhancing The Client Experience, I’ll present the very best of the actual techniques we’ve refined in our studio over the last 16 years to captivate and close our absolute favorite clients before, during, and after our new client consultations. Included in my class: market differentiation and how to stand out from the other photographers your potential clients are courting, creating a stronger connection, pre-consultation tips & techniques, in person-consultation magic, and flawless follow up to close the sale.




Kristi Drago-Price (Editor's Edge) 

The Visual Revolution: Curating your Visual Presence
Forget the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”With an estimated 1.8 billion photos viewed daily, your brand’s images must be worth much more to rise above the chatter of the visual revolution. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert photographer the images that represent your brand must be on point, now more than ever, to attract your ideal client. Learn the simple mistakes your visuals may be making, the inner dialogue of your viewer, and how to organize your images better than the Container Store! Walk away with a new way of seeing the world and your brand in it.



Audrey Woulard

Tweens: The Forgotten Market
Do you find yourself lost in the sea of newborn and family photographers? If so, it’s time to explore the often-forgotten and underappreciated market of tweens. This demographic of kids ages 10-14, represents an annual market of 200 billion dollars. A highly impressionable demographic that has the power to influence their parents beyond the capacity of the average photographer’s imagination is primed for exploration! In this program with Chicago photographer, Audrey Woulard, you will explore a rapidly expanding demographic that absolutely adores pictures, but is often overlooked by most photographers. She’ll show you how to become an expert in attracting this demographic, appealing to their parents, and how to bridge the gap between other genres of photography. If you’re looking to stand out and offer something different from the competition, then this is the program for you!



Alexsandra Wiciel

Photo Walk - Who Needs Photoshop?!
Let's find symmetry, color, beautiful light and twisty shadows while exploring every nook and cranny of the hotel and its surroundings. I will show you how to create visually captivating images using everyday objects, sneaky tricks and different ways of looking at a space to help you turn the mundane into amazing, without ever using Photoshop. In-camera is where it's at, baby. 



Anja Winikka
(The Knot)

 The Experience Economy
Come learn how to be a master at connecting on a real level with your potential couples (like the ones stalking you!) and developing relationships online with people BEFORE you connect in person.




Kenny Nakai

Kenny will be in charge of providing Inspire attendees with some super cool & moody, Vanity fair-inspired, Fine Art headshot portraits on Monday night! Make sure you use this opportunity to score yourself a killer portrait to use for your site, social media, or to wallpaper your bedroom with! To learn all about his lighting techniques for this, as well as the setups and editing, make sure to sign up for his Monday Morning Intensive class on lighting Fine Art Portraits.



Charmi Patel

Cultural literacy and photography.
From amazing Indian weddings with horses and elephants to stunning Nigerian nuptials with colorful traditional dress and more, we all admire those beautiful ethnic and multicultural weddings. We all want to shoot them!! But are you really ready to step into one? Find out why cultural literacy is key to informing your photography, keeping authenticity in your captures and storytelling and how you can improve your understanding and embrace the cultures you want to photograph, so you can get it right.



Casey McCauley

Photo Walk - Shooting in the Shadows
As photographers, we are on a constant search for beautiful light. We are light seekers constantly observing...but what about observing the shadows? What about when there is an absence of light?  Join me as we go explore on a creative indoor photo walk in search of shadows and low-light. We will learn and discuss how to expose properly and creatively in low-light, how to tell stories through shadows and embrace artificial light. The walk will be divided into two parts. The first half, we will walk and shoot with models. The second half we will have a round table discussion. We will cull through images, and edit several from our photo walk giving us an opportunity to discuss post-processing and different editing techniques for low-light images.  



Anna Headshot.jpg

Anna Sawin

Wide Angle: Seven ways to increase your income as a photographer
We know October and September are booming, but January and February are as lean as it gets, and that’s BEFORE you even file those taxes. Whether you photograph brides or puppies, I’m willing to bet you’d love some fresh ideas on broadening your revenue streams while still maintaining your full-time photographer status.
And, it wouldn’t hurt to explore the world of passive income, right? If you want to improve your cash flow every month of the year, while using your photography skills and the marketing savvy that got you this far,  join this session and come away with seven concrete ideas to explode your 2018 business revenue.




Tracy Sweeney

The Fearless Pursuit of A Successful Photography Business
Join International Award Winning Child and Family Photographer Tracy Sweeney of Elan Studio in “The Fearless Pursuit of A Successful Photography Business.” Cultivate a thriving photography business that feeds your soul. Learn the tools of empowerment to create self-value and understand the powerful journey of creative exploration through a focused heart happy business. Learn specific strategies to apply immediately to transform your work and fight fear, the fears both new and seasoned photographers face that limits their vision, inhibits their goals, and negatively shifts perspectives. Attendees will walk away with specific, easy to apply strategies, in their “Fearless Pursuit of a Successful Photography Business.”




Brian Leahy

Network to Net-worth: Make More Money by Growing Your Network 
At a certain point in your career, your work is more than good enough to bring in the money, support your lifestyle, and keep you comfortable. While we all strive to be better at what we do, it's out NETWORK that needs to constantly grow and strengthen. By using specifically tailored and deliberate networking techniques, you'll learn how to strategically grow your brand while bringing in more qualified leads and bookings.



headshot Nana Annan.jpg

Nana Annan

Business and Legal Basics: How to Write Right
Contracts and other business correspondence are as much a part of your brand as your social media feeds. This interactive session will go over the building blocks necessary for a solid contract, a few contentious terms (aka fighting words) that we often come across and what they mean, and why mediation (informal or otherwise) benefits both parties if it ever gets to that. We will review a few style elements, and give you a refresher on how to use them to professionally present your winning personality in your writing.




Gurminder Banga

DreamTeams - How to Create the Ultimate Team
What do you get when you take 12 individuals from all walks of life, a wide range of passions, and one common goal to create a culture of personal and professional successes and growth? You get the ultimate environment to foster and nurture teamwork and unity (or the makings of a hilarious sitcom)! Part of what has made Banga Studios so successful and, more importantly, a family is Teamwork. Teamwork isn't just a simple concept taught to schoolchildren, but a mindset and a lifestyle to bring into any business of any size. From finding just the right intern to pushing senior staff further and further, teamwork can maximize time, maximize sales, but most importantly maximize on the strengths and weaknesses of the group at hand and take both the people and the business to places you never thought possible!



Amber Marlow

 Grind 'til You Own It
Your wildest dreams need some practical action to come to light. Amber’s talk has essential information about bank accounts, data storage, and handling difficult clients, mixed in with fun insights on how to be a “Purple Cow”, cultivate your unique creative voice, and build your network - and your net worth.
Tips for introverts, newbies, and anyone who was told they wouldn’t amount to anything, from someone who went from living in her car to running a successful wedding photography business in New York City.




Christina Matteucci

The Art of Being an Associate
Christina Matteucci plays a unique role within the special event industry as the “right hand” of celebrity event designer David Beahm for over 16 years. As such, she is often the person successful photographers and growing Principal Creatives contact, asking, “Where do I find a Christina?  How is your turnover so low? Where is the loyalty these days? How can I prevent my associates from taking what I teach them and venturing out on their own?”
Her session will tackle how she advises those studio owners, including how we can collectively make the ‘Associate’ title desirable again and quantifying the payback from your investment of creativity, time, and energy. Practical advice on how to prepare for, and rebound, when a valued Associate betrays your trust and/or moves on, and insights in cultivating and maintaining a long-standing, happy, relationship with an Associate who exceeds expectations and who “fits” in your world.




Anesha Collins

Video Marketing: Don't get left behind
Video presence increases SEO ranking and also allows you to stand out; especially if others within your industry or niche aren't using video on their platforms. I'm here to introduce you to some practical ways to get started with video-marketing.
You'll learn how to create custom videos (for Instagram), the best places to use video (to market your brand), valuable and practical tips for shooting and creating promotional videos (for your service-based business or products), and why they are important for your business growth. You will also receive my downloadable E-Workbook as well as practical tips from Influencers using video-marketing.




Elizabeth Blank


First Year Photo Walk
Over the course of our lifespan, the first year - birth to one - contains more growth and development than any other time in our lives. Which means, as photographers, we must be ready to document each and every fleeting milestone and moment as it happens before it becomes a distant memory. Come join Elizabeth Blank as she walks you through photographing three little subjects in the most notable age ranges of the first year - 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. We will discuss developmental milestones and what you can expect from each given age group. In addition, we talk about how enthusiastic interaction with these little ones can create sessions that flow with ease and produce beautifully candid and authentic images which preserve these fleeting days for generations to come!



Easton Reynolds -1.jpg

Easton Reynolds

How to Attract Your Ideal Client: For Less Than it Costs You For A Night Out
Do you struggle to get high converting leads? Facebook ads are currently the number one way to attract your ideal client with the best ROI. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month to advertising platforms, you can spend next to nothing with Facebook ads.
Find out how we helped Abigail Gingerale Photography generate 285 leads in 5 days! They even booked 21 boudoir sessions in 1 day. The best part is that it only cost them $106.51! That's right, they spent $106.51 and that brought in over $32k in new business in 1 month.





A Half Day Transformative Workshop to Prime You for Success

Start your Inspire week off right by joining Success Coach, Heather Vickery, for a hands-on workshop on cultivating professional and personal balance and abundance through self-care, communication, and authentic living. This workshop empowers you to take control of your life and the path toward your vision by offering practical tools to help you become more proactive creators of your own success. 

Heather will share her “5 Rules for Success” including clear goal-setting, creating boundaries, and taking responsibility for your success. This workshop will show you how to get clear on your vision and uncover what stops you from reaching your dream. Learn tools to help identify the fears and pain points that keep you stuck. Heather will show you how to get unstuck and into action through proven tools, systems, and strategies for success!

You will leave this intensive fired up and ready to maximize your Inspire experience.


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