Inspire 2017 Checklist

To Do:

  1. PechaKucha - The theme for our 2017 PechaKucha is 'Change'. Everyone is invited to pitch their story - learn more and submit your story here.
  2. Supper Clubs - learn more about our plans for dinner on Tuesday of Inspire, sign up to make a group dinner reservation
  3. Hotel -  401-849-2600 (ask for Reservations), or book online here.
  4. Monday Intensive Workshops & Retreat Schedule - confirm your workshop & set up your schedule here - you must be registered to attend Inspire 2017 to log in and manage your schedule: check your inbox for an invitation to use
  5. Facebook Group - Join the private group for anyone attending Inspire - includes alumni, faculty & sponsors. Message Enna Grazier, Mark Higgins, or Eric Foley if you wish to be added to this group.
  6. Camera Cleaning & Calibration Special - sign up here for Perfect Image Camera's cleaning and calibration special. 
  7. Choose Your Mentor - details coming Feb 12.


don't forget to bring a journal and your favorite writing pen

don't forget to bring a journal and your favorite writing pen

Packing List - these are a few items that we find we always are happy to have packed for Inspire:

  • Journal, plus your favorite writing instrument
  • Layers - there are often warm and cooler rooms in a large hotel, so be prepared for both
  • Ibuprofen / Eye Drops / Aromatherapy - whatever helps you get through late lights and early mornings
  • Slippers - some attendees prefer to hang out in their slippers :)... we always see a few folks in footie pajamas too, after all it is a retreat, so you should get comfie!
  • Humidifier - some people swear by a mini humidifier when staying in a dry hotel room
  • Hat, Gloves, Warm Jacket - be prepared with some warm clothing regardless of weather forecast
  • Camera / Lens / Flash - not required, but recommended if you want to take pictures!
  • Portfolio - 20 images, see below for more details
“I quit caffeine a few years ago, so in this caffeinated world, I’m always sure to travel with herbal tea bags!”
— Kim


Camera Gear - Gear is not required but you may want it for some classes or for your general Inspire experience. If you're packing light, we recommend one camera body + one lens, so that you can document your experience, and participate in impromptu headshots or photo shoots. If you have gear that you have questions about or wish to experiment with, bring that gear as well, chances are great that someone will be able to help you troubleshoot it. Some prefer to leave the camera at home and just bring comfy slippers and a notebook and that is perfectly okay!

Portfolio Reviews - There are many opportunities for portfolio reviews at Inspire. We have invited David Murray to join us and conduct portfolio reviews during the open times at Inspire. Many of our other faculty members will also be ready to offer portfolio reviews. This could happen during your mentoring session, during one of our Image Critique classes, or spontaneously. To be ready for a portfolio review, and get the most out of it, here's what we recommend: 20 images that are a cohesive group of images. By 'cohesive' we mean that they should be images from one assignment, a group of like assignments, one portfolio (such as a website gallery for self-promotion), or a personal project. If you have them on a laptop or ipad this is the easiest way to share them. 

Meals - Lunches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Dinner on Monday are included. We will also provide coffee and tea all three days. For breakfast we recommend the hotel restaurant. For dinner on Tuesday, we hope that you will join one of our supper clubs (signup will take place at Inspire registration on Day 1 of Inspire.

Looking for something else? Feel free to post questions on the Alumni group on Facebook, or else contact us if you have any questions - Mark, Enna, and Eric