Welcome to the Gauntlet!


The main goal of the inspire conference is to inspire... to help working photographers find ways to infuse their art AND their business with inspiration (as well as a few techniques to put that inspiration to work). Sometimes it's hard to know where to start, but we have all found that when it comes to creativity and inspiration, ANY action is better than NO action. Sometimes you just need a little kick-start! This series of posts on our blog is called the gauntlet. Here you will find creative ways to jump-start your thinking about your business and your art. Feel free to participate privately or publicly. If you want to share the results of your work on these assignments, feel free to share via twitter with the hashtag #inspireboston and of course you may also post links on our facebook page. If you would like to suggest an assignment to be featured on the Gauntlet, please send it to us using our contact form. Step 1: Any Action is Better than No Action. Stand up. Stretch. Walk away from your computer (leave that iphone on the table too). Grab the nearest object(s) and/or art supplies or tools and devote the next 30 minutes to making something. Anything. Don't worry about rules, processes, or making something pretty. You can use your camera but you don't have to. Just make. For bonus credit, repeat again tomorrow.