Victoria Schepps: Practical Lessons about Business, Law and Ethics for Photographers


How to Go Out of Business Really Fast .... Practical Lessons about Business, Law and Ethics for Photographers This presentation offers a lighthearted approach to the business, legal and ethical issues facing today’s photographers. Practical tips for running a successful business will be demonstrated using actual examples. Current legal cases involving visual artists will be reviewed with advice on ways to avoid legal problems. Participants will apply their creative skills to improving the integrity and financial wellbeing of their photography business.

Attendees will evaluate practices and pitfalls in the photographic industry. Practical advice and comments will be offered on the following:


The audience will evaluate the elements of a successful business, using current visual artists as examples, and learn how to develop a realistic business plan in today’s changing economy. Participants will learn how to get and keep good clients and explore the day to day challenges of running a business. The course will review unique ways that photographers can find money and opportunities to foster a successful career in the creative field.


This presentation will review current legal cases involving visual artists and a broad range of other legal issues. Today’s photographers must understand basic releases, contract principals and the fundamentals of copyright, usage and licensing options. Also, we will review the role and responsibilities of the business team including subcontractors, attorneys and accountants. Attendees will learn simple proactive practices that can help avoid legal difficulties in the future.


Working fairly and ethically with others is central to a successful business plan. This presentation will review case studies of ethical dilemma’s facing visual artists and creative options that will advance the integrity of the photographer and prosperity of their business. The presentation will include a discussion of the current state of Stock Photography. Finally, the attendees will be provided with useful resources for information and advice while developing critical abilities to evaluate business practices. Website