Thinking Inside the Box

Visual Thinking is about getting better images – not through post-processing, not with new gear, or more lighting equipment. It’s about learning to look and being self-aware enough that we can identify and clarify our own unique point of view. Visual thinking is about gaining awareness of how we see and what makes you, well, you. What makes my images different than yours and different from our competitors? What is it that you are seeing? How do you respond to your environment? How are you choosing to frame things? What elements are you choosing to play up, or to eliminate by your choice of framing? That is your own unique perspective.

Ars Magna | Visual Thinking | Episode 1 from Ars Magna Studio on Vimeo.

Better images lead to differentiation. We want our images to be recognizable as ours and to be valued by our clients. Understanding and owning our unique perspective and style positions us clearly in our markets.  Articulating our style to clients leads to selling in person.  Differentiation and the ability to describe our style strengthens our business’s bottom line. For me and Ars Magna, this process has translated into clients that embrace my vision, trust my artistic choices, and value what I bring to their wedding. And that has been pretty amazing.

What inspires you?  What is your personal vision?  What are you seeing? What makes you - you?

The Visual Thinker, Boston Wedding and Portrait Photographer Allana Taranto of Ars Magna Studio, spends her mornings with Sadie at the dog park, where she knows the names of the other dogs but not their humans.