The (Wedding) Hangover Cure: a list from the Inspire Team

I have been known to wake up on the couch with a full glass of Bailey’s precariously balanced on my chest. Krista, Coco and I once took three forks to an ice cream cake, still in it’s box. It’s wasn’t pretty.  Or charming. It was funny, gross and yet delicious. Even if I don’t have a night cap or feed my face with Carvel to unwind while downloading cards and reorganize my bags in the wee hours - I still feel like hell come Sunday mornings. I'm know you know what I mean.

We've compiled a list of helpful wedding hangover cure for you all

  • water! lots of water
  • stretching in the shower
  • long run
  • advil. couch. lots of tv.
  • take a cue from Higgy and stock a lil’ cooler with powerade
  • lift weights, in the off season, all year
  • shoes, socks?
  • sleep in (too bad this rarely happens)
  • a massage
  • snuggles from the kids
  • snuggles from the dog(s)
  • dog park with our favorite four legged friends
  • bottle of wine
  • adrenaline
  • zero editing!