ShootDotEdit: Creating great content and fostering community by Jared Bauman

In this series of blog posts we are introducing the Inspire 2015 partners. Today we’d like to introduce you to Jared Bauman who is one of the Founders and President of ShootDotEdit. ShootDotEdit is the first choice post processing partner for the Wedding Pro, and everything they shoot. Fast is Best - ShootDotEdit provides turnaround time as fast as 48 hours.





This is the fifth year that ShootDotEdit has sponsored Inspire Photo Retreats, and I’ve been coming out for as many years to represent the company. Really, I am not a cold weather person. Leaving sunny California in the dead of winter to visit New England is a feat in itself. But Inspire is something special. To me, it is so much more than a conference. I have attended a lot of trade shows & conferences, and Inspire does the best job in our industry of creating intimacy. The sense of community that comes as a result is invigorating, and entirely necessary in an industry like ours, where we rely on each other for support and inspiration. We come to Inspire every year to invest in this… community.

Sometimes investment isn’t about giving, but its about receiving. Coming to this retreat, above all else, helps us to learn and to grow at ShootDotEdit. It’s about discovering the unique needs of the market and seeing how we can serve them best. The best way to learn how to help photographers is by talking to them. We learn what their pain points are and where they need the most help in growing their businesses. By having open and candid conversations during these few days, we create better products from their feedback.

The all-encompassing Inspire message of community has carried through into our attitude about building content. We chose to create content that helps photographers have better and more successful businesses as a whole. It’s about investing in the community and strengthening our industry. Being an advocate for helping photographers grow better and more successful business has become the backbone of our marketing strategy. At ShootDotEdit, we are the first choice post production partner for the Wedding Pro, and everything they shoot. But, we are trying to help photographers in all areas of growing a business, not just post production; whether it’s SEO, Shooting, Marketing, Social Media or any other area of business.

This thinking was the inspiration behind all of our outreach in 2014, from our guides on How to Grow your Wedding Photography Business  and How to Rank #1 on Google  to creating tangible products such as our Recharge Your Business Offseason Checklist and Greeting Card Templates . These guides are sourced from industry experts, researched and outlined to find the best practices and current information to help photographers in today’s creative economy. In 2015, we plan to continue to share the wisdom of some of the best names in the industry, many of whom are Inspire staples or alums. We have already partnered with some of the biggest and best names in the industry to create pertinent webinar content focused on topics that are relevant to you. We’re increasing from one webinar per month to three, all in the hopes of taking the same feeling of Inspire everywhere. The first are available as the Recharge webinar series.

I couldn't tell you one favorite moment from the years at Inspire, I’ve had too many to be able to come up with just one. I can tell you that most of them happened in the one-on-one conversations that took place over breakfast, in mentor sessions, or at 11PM at the bar. I feel as much a part of this collective group of photographers as I do in my own local community. It truly is an exceptional thing to come in and be welcomed from across the country.

Inspire Photo Retreats is more than a conference. Inspire is truly a community, and more than just a collection of photographers. They are not just clients of ours, but friends. And friends do more than just work together – friends help each other out. At the end of the day, that is the true value of community. If you plan on attending this year, please feel free to stop by the ShootDotEdit booth, or stop me in the halls, and talk about any area of your business that you are focusing on for this year. We can’t wait to meet you!

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