shifting gears... getting into an "Inspired" frame of mind

Three years ago when Matt and I called a group of photographer friends together to discuss an idea we had for a mini-conference, we knew that in that first year we could pull off something unusual. However, we didn't predict how passionately our team would back us up, or how positively our regional and national photography industry friends would react, and how much MORE amazing the conference would become 3 years later.

The primary element that sets our conference apart is this:  our conference is a community. It is run by, taught by, and attended by successful photographers who are all from the same geographic region.

Our philosophy is that despite the fact that regional photographers are each others' "competition", the whole community's success is heightened if everyone has the chance to learn healthier business practices. This benefit far outweighs the cost of sharing ideas and knowledge with our local competitors (even though many studios have a lot of fear about this sharing). Inspire is designed to elevate the quality of business and art in a whole community of photographers. It is also designed to BE a community. Part of the 2012 Inspire community experience starts now... as we roll out the virtual aspects of our conference.

Over the coming weeks we will be making some exciting announcements about this year's sponsors and opportunities that we are able to share with our attendees.

We will also begin our pre-conference blogging "season" ... we have some exciting guest bloggers lined up to bring you some extra knowledge and ideas that can be implemented right away as your business rolls into 2012. So, subscribe to the RSS feed, add our blog to your reading list, follow us on twitter... however you choose to stay connected, we encourage you to do so, and join in our conversation. And, we hope to see you at our conference in March!