Robert Norman: Seeing Beyond Seeing


Often we completely forget (or need to discover) our creative roots when we get knee-deep in our busy seasons. The core of who you are as a photographer comes not from owing the newest equipment, but from your vision and the way you see the world. This inspirational discussion (loosely based on ‘The Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing”) is intended to refocus your mind on core principals to guide and challenge how you see. After graduating Purchase College with a major in Photo and minor in Design I moved to LA for 2 years, to work as a low-paid photo slave: a lot of work but a great experience. Eventually moving back East, I found myself gradually photographing weddings, and before long they became my prime source of income. Since that time i've photographed over 600 events through the years but still try to find time for my fine-art work as a source of balance. I've shot events in Ireland, London, Italy - photographed Al Gore, Paul Newman and last year, President Obama!