meet our sponsors: Rachel LaCour of ShootQ + Pictage

This woman seems to be involved everywhere I look! Just the other day I received an email newsletter from ThinkTank, and guess who's on their product advisory board? That's right, Rachel LaCour. We are so excited that Rachel is joining us for the conference! She's representing the delightfully partnered ShootQ + Pictage. I am inspired... By my team...and by Arcade Fire.

What I love most about my job... Advocating for photographers and sparring with Jim Collins.

Before immersing myself in wedding photography, I worked in the news industry. I've always loved writing and storytelling. Combine those aptitudes with a deep appreciation of art and you've got the perfect recipe to create a photojournalist! So, journalism was a natural career choice for me as a visual storyteller. I'm genuinely interested in people, their stories and their struggles. I always listen before talking; gaining trust is more important to me than gaining popularity. It's that simple. My love for photography took an intimate turn when I stumbled into wedding photography by bartering my photographic skills for a custom-designed wedding gown. I quickly traded my front row seat to world history for a front row seat to family history.

My creative outlets are... Collecting wine and renovating my 1920s bungalow.

I wish more photographers... Would make time for personal work and actually share it.

Why I love working with the combined Pictage & ShootQ Teams... They make me a better person. Every day. Seriously.

It's taken me thirty years, but I've finally managed to wrestle perfectionism into submission. Well, at least long enough to get some work done! As a relentless perfectionist, delegating doesn't come naturally to me. I had to learn to trust my team to accomplish projects without my constant input. Imagine the conductor of an orchestra, who plays no single instrument herself, but exacts the desired result from each musician. The incredibly humbling lesson for me is that my team's talent often displays itself most beautifully when each member is empowered to play freely. Our best work, our most phenomenal projects, are usually the result of purposeful play.

Final words? Content trumps technique. That is all.

Thanks for the interview Rachel! We can't wait to hang out with you!

We asked Rachel to share a few of her favorite photos with us: