Pleasures, Guilty or otherwise : A Collective List from the Inspire Team

These are just some things we enjoy doing in the off season.  If there really is such a thing. Looks like most of us miss our families. Enna G: Lots of movies. Lots of hot buttered rum. Lots of time with my boys.

Matt G: Spending time with my boys, Working on my house

Eric L: Never setting foot near a computer.! Working on personal projects, homesteading, exercising, gardening, building things with my hands, raising chickens.

Mark H: Lanscape photography, reading, visiting family and friends in Maine

Brian F: Shooting music, playing with my dog, playing my drums, international travel, sleeping!!!!

Mike D:  Getting to watch TV after kids go to other normal grown-ups do.

Paul M: Play with Penny, Ice Climb, Ski

Kate D: Hanging out with our kids, organizing our house/lives, doing things on the weekends that we want to do--skiing, traveling, sleeping.  Some reading, blogging, albuming and this winter--website redesign.

Krista G: Actually spending time with my friends & family and not working after 6pm!

Meg B:  I love being able to spend more time with my friends, my family, and especially my Mr! Free weekends are a rare commodity, so I try to take advantage of them. The off-season also coincides with movie awards season, so I go to the movies A LOT in preparation. It's nice to spend a lot of time in lounge clothes, too!

Allana: Catching up things that 'normal' people do - like having a Friday night out, or drowsing on a Saturday morning

Kate M: It feels like there's never an off-season as winter brings album design and a ton of conferences!  But I take a weekend off every month throughout the year (yes, even during the Crazy Season) and I hang with my hubby, take the dogs swimming, and mostly spend time sailing around Narragansett Bay in RI