our quirkiest requests

There are the shots we want, the shots our clients expect, the images the vendors hope to use.  And then we get the requests the haven't heard before: Mike: To photograph the sausage cart--sadly when we got to the wedding there wasn't a sausage cart...guess they changed their minds!?

Kate: One couple (who didn't book) wanted to know what we would wear to the wedding--she had been to another wedding and was nervous that we might look like we just rolled out of bed like the photographer apparently had at the wedding she just attended.  Eeep.  We assured her that we don't come crumpled and disheveled.

Paul: Diving off a sailboat and swimming to an island

Krista : "should we jump out of this canoe into the lake?"  um, yes, you should!

Jared : The bride was looking for a day after session that would have made a boudoir session look tame.  No thanks....awkward!

Matt: Can you photograph us rock climbing in our wedding attire?  (note that Matt actually did this at Cathedral Ledge)

Brian F  : To NOT take any photos of a certain guest at their wedding!!!!!

Meg B: I think the quirkiest request I've ever gotten from clients came from a portrait client, not wedding clients. I was photographing an adorable baby and the mom wanted me to somehow incorporate the dad's dead dog in the images by posing the baby near the dog's collar, picture, ashes, whatever. It was weird, but I think we made it work.

Mark H: Engagement session in a whitewater raft on the Penobscot

Kate M: I've had a couple ask for entirely black and white wedding coverage ... another couple that put me up in a big private home with the wedding party and insisted I party with them during the reception - I ended the evening sitting around a camp fire, drinking Scotch with the father of the bride ... that might have been my favorite wedding ever!  I have a couple next fall who want the town to be photographed as if it's a guest at the wedding - that will be a really interesting artistic challenge (and something I'm really looking forward to).

Eric L: “So, do you do doggy boudoir stuff?”