Notes on Using a Thesaurus


As photographers, there is a critical need to be precise about both our visual and verbal language. As entrepreneurs, about our there is a critical need to be precise about business.  A successful business doesn’t just happen - no matter what the started-out-the-my-spare-bedroom origin myth says.  It takes hard work.  It takes time and energy and love and passion. Precise language helps define the minutiae. Have you ever had a conversation about your logo and branding with a good graphic designer?  They love to get into the nitty gritty and refine.  And they do have a point.

What does Fine Art Photography even mean at this point?  Is your work Traditional or Contemporary? Or perhaps Modern? Is my definition of modern wedding photography the same as your definition of modern wedding photography?  See what I mean, generic search terms can be pretty darn vague.

There is defining SEO language for the broad search terms and then there is also the refined language that you use to describe your work to clients.  Being able to precisely describe your photography and your vision will help potential clients understand that the difference you bring to the table is critical.

So bust out that thesaurus you still have from high school, and ferret out some adjectives that fit you and your photography better.

The Visual Thinker is Boston Wedding and Portrait Photographer Allana Taranto of Ars Magna Studio and she is pondering a subscription to the Huntington Theatre as it makes her feel cultured and adult-like.