Nicki Pardo: Make Anyone Look & Feel Good In Front of the Camera

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Feeling Awkward? How to make ANYONE look (and feel) good in front of the camera. Have you found yourself in a situation where you have a stonefaced grandfather, an inattentive 2 year old and an overbearing mom ALL IN ONE PHOTO? This workshop will give you the tools to loosen them up and have them leave feeling good and (more importantly) looking good in your images. Show up looking your best with a camera in hand. You will experience BOTH sides of the lens during this session.

Nicki Pardo's client list runs the gamut from TJ Maxx to Iams Dog Food to the neighbors across the street. She has been creating stock for GettyImages since 1999 and has a strong business base shooting marketing material for colleges and universities. Her strength is her ability to make ANYONE feel comfortable in front of the camera.