meet kate rose... attending inspire boston!

Kate Rose O'Farrell is another great photographer who will be attending Inspire Boston 2011! She is also generously participating as a mentor :)

I feel most creative when I build time into my schedule for the things that inspire me, when I make it a priority each day, to set aside a block of quiet time for working on my own ideas.  I also feel really creative talking and working with other people who are fearlessly pursuing their dreams.

I am inspired by people and their stories, especially people in love, either with each other or just with life in general...I'm inspired by nature and quiet spaces, by paintings or portraits that reveal someone's heart and soul in a single glance, by music that does the same, by really good conversations with people who are passionate about something, anything...too many things to list in one place.

My biggest challenge is deciding which ideas to pursue...The world is so full of possibility that it's hard to decide how to focus and organize my time.  And it can be hard to distinguish whether it's logic or fear used in that decision making process...that's something I continually work on discovering.