Mark Higgins: SEO and Social Search

When you hear the words SEO, Social Marketing, Web Analytics do you go into a foggy haze? There is so much chatter and myths out there that it's enough for most people to just throw up their hands. SEO is not rocket science. It's methodical and if you take 20 minutes a day you'll be amazed at your results.

In this two hour class we'll go into some specifics of what it all means to your potential customers "finding" you and how you as a small business owner and photographer can help increase your visibility by following some simple steps.

Everyone who attend this session will leave with a set game plan with specific steps that they can implement over the next 30 days.

We'll start with Google Web Analytics because we need to know how good or bad the news is going to be and how are people currently finding you. (30 minutes)

  • Why your web analytic software is the most important tool in your SEO arsenal
  • How to set up a free Google Analytics account so that it provides you with the best possible information.
  • How to use your data to find new opportunities or improve existing ones

How to write effective and relevant content that ranks using your Wordpress blog. We'll discuss how to write blog posts that look good to your customers, but also rank well. (one hour)

  • We'll write a blog post and look at it's structure from the content in the body, to images and the use of alt tags and how your posts should be titled and the meta description used to describe the post.
  • We'll look at some great Wordpress plug-ins that help in writing content and using correct titles
  • How to avoid duplicate content and why Google hates it.
  • Internal linking and why it's good SEO

Lastly we'll discuss Social media and who we can leverage it for more effective rankings. (30 minutes)

  • How to use of social media sites such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter in your SEO campaign
  • How to integrate your social media
  • How to use Twitter as more than a way to communicate what you had for lunch
  • How social sharing can positively effect your ranking in Google the same day.

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