Lesson Learned: A Collective List from the Inspire Team

Advice from us to you. Some mistakes we already made so you don’t have to.  Unless you learn by doing.  In that case, go right ahead!

Don't forget to copy the Photo Mechanic .xmp side cars over unless you want to do a few culls all over again. -Mike D.

Don't mess with the iPhoto catalogue...bad things happen....actually just don't use iPhoto at all. - Kate D.

Never shoot over or format cards at a wedding. Have everything backed up in three laces. -Krista G.

Pay enough attention to the elderly guests who sit at their tables the entire night.  - Brian F.

Double check the wedding date on the contract. -Meg B.

Don't take on clients that you think may be trouble ... they will be. -Kate M.

Pay your taxes correctly! - Paul M.

Don't listen to a wedding planner's suggestions about what is a good idea. -Eric L.

Attach an image to my brand. Never... Can... Change.... It -Jared B.

For corporate/commercial contracts, include  “The customer under this agreement shall be responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of collection of any unpaid and overdue amounts payable.” -Doug L.

If at all possible try to shoot with a body that has two card slots so you have redundancy. I always shoot to the second card as backup so I know there will be no problems even if one card gets corrupted. - Mark H.

Not keeping my memory cards ATTACHED to my body! (I lost my entire card folio at a wedding once.. only to have the groom return it to me later...Oi yoi yoi...) -Leeann

Don't let the catering manager seat you down the hall.  They never get you for toasts. -Allana