Kristin Korpos: Sales Tax Rocks


Let’s face it, “sales tax” makes you cringe. Maybe if you were armed with more knowledge you’d think differently? Regardless of your excitement over sales taxes, as a business owner you need to know about them. This presentation covers both basic and complex issues, including how sales taxes apply to goods and services specific to photographers, filing returns, understanding nexus and tax obligations, audits, and more. Presentation will address taxes in a variety of New England states. This presentation will discuss the following:

  • Sales and Use Tax Overview
  • Discussion of resources
  • Sales tax on services
  • Services may be considered fabrication labor
  • Sales tax on tangible products
  • Use tax issues
  • Gift certificates and coupons
  • Exemptions
  • How to treat leases and rentals
  • Sourcing your transactions
  • Nexus issues
  • Registration
  • Rates
  • Compliance – filing sales tax returns
  • Dealing with audits

Attendees will gain a better understanding of their sales tax obligations as well as how to handle them, hopefully limiting their vulnerability to surprise sales tax liability down the road.

Kristin Korpos is a self proclaimed sales tax geek. For the past five years she has been living and breathing sales taxes...or so it seems. Kristin is a licensed attorney in the state of New Jersey and works for a company that provides sales tax software to very, very large corporations. She also holds an MBA and a Masters in Accounting from Northeastern. Prior to sales taxes, Kristin worked with other types of taxes at a big four (super stuffy) accounting firm. She began photographing professionally a few years ago, and continues to do so in the New England area.