Krista Guenin: Facebook Marketing

Nearly everyone in America and much of the world is on Facebook by now – even my 83 year-old grandfather.  We’re all on there, most of us everyday.  How can you make the most of that time, and turn friends and fans into clients?  It’s time to harness the power of your social network to grow and expand your business.

We’ll go through a step-by-step look at setting up and using your Facebook Page.  We’ll talk about using your Page, as well as your personal Facebook profile to connect with clients and vendors.  How to make sharing images easy, productive, and safe.  We’ll look at how to deal with clients’ concerns about privacy, as well as how to deal with your own.  We’ll discuss your options for advertising on Facebook, and go through how to create an ad.  We’ll also talk about managing various social media platforms, and how to integrate your use of twitter, google+, flickr, tumblr, pinterest, your blog and your website to maximize your impact and minimize your time.

There are many different ways of doing it all and I’ll share why I do what I do, as well as some of the other strategies you can employ.  Facebook is my number one referral source, and it can be yours as well!

Krista is an artistic documentary-style photographer based out of Woburn, MA and shooting throughout New England and worldwide.  She got her start in photography nearly ten years ago, and has never looked back.  Shooting weddings, portraits, and for non-profit organizations, her goal is always tell a story.  The story of a single day, of what makes an individual uniquely them, of the love a couple shares, of a family as it grows, of the work a group is doing to benefit others – she desires to capture those stories and preserve them in photographs.  

Krista’s work has been published repeatedly in Boston Weddings Magazine and The Knot Boston, and online with National Geographic, Beantown Bride, Prepare to Wed, Offbeat Bride, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.  She is very involved with the Boston photography community as one of the organizers for Inspire, and now as the Boston PUG leader.  She’s inspired by the openness and authenticity among this group of photographers and is excited to see how the industry will continue to be impacted by our community.