Thank you to the Inspire Video-Documentary Team Long Haul Films

Long Haul Films

We had an amazing team document the Inspire 2015 experience. Melissa and Tom Dowler of Long Haul Films  produced our video. Kate McElwee of  Kate McElwee Photography  was our photo-documentarian. Besides being super talented at what they do for work, these three are  fascinating individuals. We cooked up a little interview so that we could all get to know them a bit after seeing their gorgeous work. In this blog post we introduce Melissa and Tom of Long Haul Films.

Long Haul FilmsInspire: What is your favorite movie of 2014? why?

Melissa & Tom: Can we pick two?  Impossible to choose between Boyhood and Birdman. While very different films, both pushed the boundaries of cinema. Boyhood did it through the unique filming process, that stretched over the course of years, and Birdman via amazing cinematography and editing that made the film feel like one continuous shot. These movies inspired us to be more innovative, daring and experimental in our own work.

Inspire: What is something that you are you really good at, outside of your business? 

Melissa & Tom: I don't know if we'd claim to be really good at it, but both of us are passionate about writing. Tom is working on a screenplay and Melissa is writing a memoir.

Inspire: What work are you most proud of to date? 

Melissa & Tom: UpFront was a 3-part documentary series we produced for BostInno that examined how business, education and infrastructure are changing in Boston. Working on this documentary gave us the opportunity to interview some of Boston's most compelling and influential leaders, from Harvard professors to Mayor Marty Walsh. Beyond that, we believed in the story we were telling and we loved that making the film made us feel very engaged in our community.

Inspire: Describe your most adventurous trip?

Melissa & Tom: We recently stayed in The Wonder Valley, near Joshua Tree in Southern California, down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, in a remodeled cabin from the 1950s. The area had been mostly abandoned, and all around us were these incredible ruins of homes. We're kind of weirdly obsessed with abandoned buildings, so it was an adventure to wander through the desert, seeing these places that had been left behind and wondering about the people who lived there and what ever happened to them. You can read more about it here:

Inspire: If we were coming to your house for dinner, what would you make? what would you show off?

Melissa & Tom: Neither of us loves cooking, so we'd probably convince you to go for dinner with us at Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown and we'd also make you hang out with our little shit of a Yorkshire terrier, Angell (yeah, we know, dumbest name for a dog ever).

Inspire: What is something that other people find weird/endearing/unusual about you?

Melissa & Tom: That we can work so closely together and not kill each other. We're still not completely sure what the secret is, but if we had to guess it's that we're different enough to balance each other out, but ultimately share the same passion and vision for our lives.

Inspire: Anything else you’d like to add?

Melissa & Tom: In the spirit of Boyhood and Birdman, we want this year's Inspire film to be something completely different from what's come before and we're counting on everyone who attends to help us capture the unique energy of the event.  If you're planning to do something interesting at Inspire, let us know so we can film it. We want to capture the late-night chat sessions, getting up to watch the sun rise, the dance-offs, the big breakthroughs.  All that good stuff.