In this series of blog posts we are introducing the folks who are team members and organizers for Inspire 2013 by posting about personal projects and how the have helped as wedding and portrait photographers. Eric is the owner of ERIC FOLEY PHOTOGRAPHY and specializes in wedding and family photography.

Photo By: Jane Shauck

When the Inspire team got together to talk about blogging, to no surprise, Carla said we should write about personal projects. After all, she is the queen of personal projects. Well after my knees stopped shaking and my nerves settled, I sat down to think about all of those great ideas I’ve had but never made time for.

As some of you know, I worked as a Chef while I lived in Virginia for 5 years and then continued in the Culinary Arts industry for another 5 in CT. Food has always been a passion and desire for me. Ever since I stood on a chair next to my Grandmother watching her make pasta and rolling her manicotti, it’s been in my blood.

So lets fast forward to the present day. Well 25k in the hole later (Johnson & Wales tuition), I find myself a photographer. I photograph mostly weddings and portraits with some commercial work here and there. The one area that I’ve always wanted to experiment in was food photography. Seriously, it should be a natural progression right? I have had a few opportunities but I felt like I was just winging it. Ever since I first set my eyes on Thomas Keller’s “French Laundry” and Art Culinaire cookbooks, I knew someday I would do this.

So now for the personal project. As I mentioned before, my Grandmother is a huge influence in my life and desire for the Culinary Arts. She is your stereotypical little old Sicilian lady who wakes up at 4am to have a 10 course meal ready by 12 noon. Oh and did I mention the Italian cookies? My wife calls her the Keebler Elf. LOL. So as a way to honor my Grandmother and at some point her legacy, I want to make a cookbook with images of cuisine. I feel this will be a work of two passions coming together for both my Grandmother and myself. I know my family will cherish this heirloom for eternity. So now the planning begins. I am looking forward to creating and sharing this personal project when it’s complete.