Inspire Sponsor: ShootProof

We'd like to introduce you to Colin Breece, Co-Founder of ShootProof, will be joining us at Inspire 2015.



In 2009, Colin and a friend, Robert Swarthout, saw a need for a change in the photo proofing market. Robert’s wife, Tessa, was searching for the perfect solution for her photo proofing needs to support her wedding photography business, and could not find one that worked for her. Colin and Robert decided to build ShootProof as a tool for photographers to share and sell their images online, with no commissions.

Colin’s wife, Lorien, became the company’s first employee, supporting the small, but growing number of photographers using ShootProof. The company has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, leading Colin to leave a corporate sales and marketing position to focus on building ShootProof. With a growing staff in the Atlanta headquarters, and photographers in 27 countries around the world, the once small dream of changing the face of photo proofing has certainly come to fruition. Colin lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and 17 month old son. They are expecting a baby girl on May 1st!

ShootProof has a different business model than the traditional online proofing and sales solution used by professional photographers. Whereas most client galleries charge photographers 10-20% of their sales on top of a monthly or annual fee, ShootProof simply charges for photo storage, there are no sales fees or additional charges for features. Think of ShootProof as Dropbox with a powerful photography tool built around it.

ShootProof provides client proofing galleries with commission free sales, easy digital download delivery, cloud based storage, integrated print fulfillment with your choice of lab, and custom branded mobile apps to help your clients experience and share their session while driving referrals to your studio, all within the same platform.

To learn more about Colin and the exciting things they are providing to photogrpahers check out ShootProof