Inspire Speakers: Airen and Trish Miller

The MILLERS Airen and Trish HEADSHOT

In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2014. We'd like to introduce Airen and Trish Miller of Airen Miller Photography. Airen and Trish will be will be teaching you how to market yourself as they have a very special niche and unique clientele! The Tattooed Bride: Niche Clientele... Marketing Yourself to the 'Offbeat' Bride

From: Trish

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..."

Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

"We need to write a more personal blog .... about "us" he says.

I said "really?"

Delighted at this rare opportunity to share insight into who we are, I quickly sat down to blog.

You see, Airen is a very private person. Like really private. There are very few people who know the real... "Him".

After 22 years together, maybe I know him better then he knows himself.

Airen likes to see beauty in things that many may overlook...the darkness, the intensity.... although maybe he’s a bit carried away with shoes. Just kidding, well sort of, have you seen his shoe shots?

People are often surprised at "who Airen Miller is." His shaved head/mohawked appearance might make you think he is rough around the edges; ... but between you and me... he is a family man (more like a man-child sometimes) and business man, and one of the most loyal friends you could ever want to have. He is a professional at all times, and "wicked" smart (insert Boston accent here). I’m proud to call him my partner in business and Life.

Who am I you ask. Well most of the time im introduced as Airens wife, or Bowdi and Havens mom. But I suppose there is more to me than that. I am a second Shooter for Airen Miller Photography and it has come with a lot of interesting perks. I work with my husband 365 days a year. Depending on the day you ask us, sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes, not so much. I love the brainstorming about the business that Airen and I do together the most. What can we do next? How can we grow? What goals should we be reaching for? I love finding new outlets , new venues contacts anything that refreshes Airens’ creative drive.

We are super excited to speak at inspire, and to share some of our target marketing skillz (yes with a "z")

We market to a specific clientele..and our clientele is eclectic. We strive to work with people that we can relate to. Give us masses of cool kids and crazy cars, Harley riders and rising rock stars. Don’t slow down go full speed ahead, there’s a train coming, and its racing at 666 miles per hour...jump on or bounce the fuck off, either way it’s cool with us. Whatever floats yer boat. We want you! Look to the left, and we will look to the right. No regrets. The hairstyles we’ve had, the choices we’ve made. We are who we are. Its not every Husband and wife team that will tell each other to "shut up"or " pick it up and move it faster", but we get it. Just as we get each other. That’s why it works. Airen Is the know how, he is the "owners manual" of this machine we operate. Me? Im the pretty colors of that machine. We both think outside of the box and live to shake things up.

We also live for Fashion. (Literally I fall asleep many a night staring at Etsy and pinterest.) It’s sad but true. If it’s with anything fur I’m all over it.. As for Airen...he’s more latex, leather and lace.

From Airen:

A little Suess-ical poem:

"As I sit here in my editing chair,

I can feel the grey growing through my hair.

I should be finished... in an hour or so...

Only four thousand-twenty-two images to go!"

Family Matters. Magic, and a new found freedom in photography.

I made it a point to photograph my family all film.

B/W and color, six cameras, many lenses, but all film none the less.

Why? To go back to basics.....sure, but the real reason... to make photographs. Those little pieces of 4x6 paper that are worthless until printed on. Then, like magic...they are priceless. Bound in books...substantial albums of physical matter. They can be held, the pages are flipped through. Like magic. They have power.

I have been photographing weddings for years...about a decade and a half now. Our clients have images, moments in time, albums, prints, canvas, frames portraits. How many of our family photographs have been made into physical prints. Not many. The decision to dive back into film was a personal decision to reflect; to value the printed image, and to craft those images in camera...because each shot mattered. Subjects vaired from the NYC homeless to just people ont he street, but all in all, my children are my muses, and I get the most joy from photographing them. My son "#BowdiMohawk" age 10 and my daughter "Haven A.K.A. "#MissBHaven"age 8, (yes they have their own hash-tags...they are that cool) I truly love to see their spirits shine. From the faces they make when playful, to the "Dad-get-outta-my-face-with the-camera" attitude when they have had enough.

What have I gained from this experiment of film? Patience, and value. Patience for the wait, and value for the frame...that magic moment when the prints come back from the lab... the wait is love, yes THE WAIT. Weeks or so go by, wondering what lighting has been captured on that celluloid frame. The wait is worth it in itself. The moment the prints appear, alive, breathing, they exist as a physical reminder of that split second in time, printed on paper...a once living thing.

We look forward to speaking at inspire, be sure to join us at our presentation "The Tattoed Bride...Niche Marketing For The Offbeat Bride"

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