Inspire 2016 Speaker: Tyler Wirken - Just Remember, Your Kids Only Get One Childhood!

In this series of blog posts, we are introducing the faculty at Inspire 2016. Today we’d like to introduce you to Tyler Wirken who will be teaching two classes The Wedding Day Deconstructed and You Only Need One Percent

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We all have a mom or a person that loves to send us forwarded emails. You know the ones. All the top 10 places to live, or watch this cute little cat compilation. They come into our inbox and we immediately press the delete button. Thankfully after the initial appeal of email wore off years ago my mom slowed down on sending me those. My delete button is much happier now. I am however very thankful for one she sent me years ago. It was one of those top 10 lists of how to live life. For some reason that day I decided to take a look at this one. I decided not to hit the delete button and I am thankful I did. 

I cannot recall the other 9 inspirational points of that top 10 list, but I do remember one and it shaped the way I chose to live my life from then on. 

“Just remember, your kids only get one childhood.” That was it. Simple and to the point and affected me deeply. I think about that little piece of advice almost daily. I think about it as I am trying to get work done and my kids want me to play baseball with them, or help them build a model. It helps ground me and bring me back to what truly is important. There are so many things I feel I am missing out on with my career. So much more time I feel I need to be committing to my work. I often find myself stressed about it and then I remember I have plenty of time for all of that. Now I need to spend as much as time as possible with my two boys. That is what matters right now. I know I am not perfect when walking that line between work and family, but I do my best. My boys are now 8 and 10 years old. Half of their childhood is gone. They are what drive me and they are who I think of when documenting my clients lives. I want to be the one that captures life for my clients so they can hold on to those memories before it's too late. 

Yes, I am a photographer. It is my job and my passion. But it is not my life. It is important I remember that.