In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2013. We are delighted to introduce Nicole Taylor who is the owner of NICOLE TAYLOR PHOTOGRAPHY and specializes in newborn and children’s photography. Nicole will be will be teaching a class with Crista Acosta on BABY PORTRAITURE and we’re very excited to have both of them as this should really add to the diversity of the photographers speaking!

I get asked often " How in the world did you get into photographing births?" How I got into it rolls into one of my own personal experiences actually. It kind of " just happened."

During the pregnancy of my youngest son I suffered from a severe case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  It resulted in a VERY rough 7 months of my pregnancy. Most people have NO IDEA what it is, but the best way to explain it is imagine having the flu times 100. ( a great resource to learn more is by visiting ) . It's also what Princess Kate is said to be suffering from during her pregnancy as well.

I don't want to get too personal about the road HG took my family, my son and I down, but it did force us to make the decision that he would have to be my last. Not only was he going to be my last, BUT  we were also going to be ok through this and I was actually going to meet my son at the end of this long emotional journey. It was then I made the decision that I wanted to have his birth captured. I wanted the good , I wanted the bad and I wanted the AMAZING. I wanted to remember the road we traveled. I have many images from his birth day that I cherish. They are priceless in EVERY sense. But, if I only had ONE shot , let it be the moment when they handed my son to me as soon as he was born.... the emotions that embraced me and the words that I said, all so fresh every time I look at it. " WE DID IT !"

That is what I look to capture. THAT MOMENT is why I do it. There is nothing more emotional, more life changing, more powerful or more real then a mother and father meeting their newborn for the very first time. It's been 6 years in April since his birth. For the last 5 years I've been capturing births for others , and though they all have their own personal stories as to why and every birth experience is different, the results are the same. RAW, REAL, POWERFUL ..... first moments!