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In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2014. We are delighted to introduce Laura DeCarlo of Laura Dee Photography. Laura is a dynamic lady and I count myself grateful to have become friends with her. When you meet Laura and then look at her portfolio you will instantly understand her style. When you go to her Facebook page and you see "I love Ninjas" you know you want to know more about her! Laura will be will be teaching Why Facebook is F****** Awesome

Hello, my name is Laura and I am a photographer.

I say that with the stoic demeanor of an (insert the blank) Anonymous group member, because it feels like that sometimes. Long hours, deep and dark circles under my eyes, constant self-doubt and carpal tunnel syndrome are all a part of my work. Sounds fun, doesn't it? yay....

But, the truth is, it IS fun. The Universe knows I wouldn't be doing this ish if it wasn't. Life is too short to spend it doing something you don't love. And I love taking photos. Most of the time. ;)

In my thirty years on this planet, I have had a myriad of life experiences. I was born in Holland, I grew up in Aruba. I used to bartend. I was an MC in a touristy bar where I would make drunk Americans dance with their pants around their ankles and pop balloons using only their bums.

I was a cop. No, I really was.

I've sold furniture, food, arrested drunk people, got shot at from a helicopter (ask me about that if you see me at Inspire, it's a funny story!), got married, had kids and now I take photos.

Sounds like a logical progression of events, no?

And all those experiences help me today in how I how I shoot and run my business . I run it to be fun. Both for me and my clients. Save from making sure I deliver the best product I can, nothing else I do I take too seriously and my clients know that. Trust me, after the shit I've seen as a cop, my threshold for people freaking out about minor things is pretty low.

This is such a kick-ass profession, you know? Create art, express yourself (Madonna knew what she was talking about) and do your own thing, and already, I am one step ahead of Van Gogh, cause I get paid. (Also another reason to come say hi is if you want to hear how you really pronounce Vincent Van Gogh's name. It sounds...phlegmy.)

In any case, that was a little about me, my job and how I try to run my life.

See you at Inspire.

Cheers, Laura Dee

Fancier of great music, enjoyer of The Big Bang Theory, consumer of Doritos Locos chicken tacos and moscato, mom and wife of some pretty cool people ♪♥