In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2013. We are delighted to introduce Jane Shauck who is the owner of IRIS Photography. Jane will be teaching a class that I think is relevant for every studio in today's world Building a Financially Comfortable Life with Photography

By Jane Shauck:

Hi everyone!  My talk, “Building a Financially Comfortable Life with Photography” is about the system we’ve used to build a business that:

  • can support a family of four
  • enabled my husband to quit his day job four years ago to join the business
  • bring in a multi-six-figure revenue on photography alone
  • helped us save for retirement and our kids’ college
  • led us to work smart so that we can still have fun and freedom.

Some of the things we’ll talk about include:

  • How much money do you need and how to figure that out
  • Looking at your business as a cash-flow calendar
  • Powerful money-making tips
  • Pricing strategies that influence behavior

Whether you are new to photography and figuring out how to make this a business, or you are an established photographer struggling with debt and making ends meet, or are doing pretty well but could use some helpful tips to create additional income, my goal is to ensure the talk is full of useful advice that can directly translate to your business.

I have a business background and MBA and I’m passionate about helping other photographers with their business.  My name is Jane Shauck and you can see my commercial work at and my wedding and family portrait work at  I look forward to meeting you!