In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2013. We are delighted to introduce Eric Laurits. Eric will be teaching a class that I am sure everyone will be interested in called How to Headshot

Headshooting by Eric Laurits

I've been storytelling all my life... at least as long as I can remember... and it has lead me down so many different paths, it's almost something out of a 'youth finding himself/coming of age' B grade movie. It's true. Before I picked up a camera, I was in an MFA theatre program surrounded by actors needing headshots for auditions and marketing materials so when I first found a canon 10D in my hand, I did the natural thing... I shot what I knew. Actors. Fast forward many years and a crapton of hard work I was one of New York City's most in demand headshot photographers, being recommended by all of the major talent agencies and casting directors. Taking a step back from actors and looking at them as their own small businesses, I started to realize how in demand [and unfortunately rare] top quality heashots are. There are a lot of photographers out there that can easily make an image of what, but surprisingly few who can make an image of WHO - which is what a fantastic headshot is all about. truth be told, it's way more journalism than portraiture.

During this extended class, we're going to be talking about headshots. Everything about them. The philosophy side, the execution side, the business side... shooting actors vs shooting musicians vs shooting businessfolk vs shooting models... What I am hoping is that you will leave with a full on toolkit so that you can go out and start exploring shooting headshots on your own without having to start from scratch or following someone's cult recipe for making headshots that look just like everyone else's. So whether you are looking to get out of the wedding world and highly specialize or just looking to diversify your offerings, this session promises to be super packed with real life practical information and a thousand - 'I wish I knew this when I started out,' stories. Also, as always, I'm a complete open book and hope there will be tons of questions, lots of discussions, and maybe even some headshot practicing on each other :]