Inspire Speaker: Crista Acosta


In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2014. Today we’d like to introduce you to Crista Acosta of Crista Acosta Photography who will be leading a session on Birth Photography

Crista Acosta

The truth is, I've been sitting on my Inspire blog post for months now.  I've watched as these pages have been filled with so many amazing posts about creative personal projects, incredible projects and business ideas, and I've loved reading each and every one.  I've sat down to write it several times and the cursor sits there blinking at me almost taunting me that everything that comes to my head isn't quite up to par.

In business mode, I LOVE photographing children and families, and being there for a tiny new life being brought into the world.. I'm all in - it reminds me to take a step back and and be in the moment, to appreciate tiny miracles.  I take notice of that moment in the midst of a portrait session where I've been warned by mom "she reeeeally takes a long time to warm up to strangers" and I get a shy smile back from one of my silly antics.  I'm usually (okay - always) sniffling behind the camera when a baby finally takes their first breath and lets out that tiny angry cry.  I love sharing what I know and helping people grow, there is nothing that is off limits and I'm happy to be a part of the process.

That said, this has been an exceptionally hard year for me personally, and I didn't quite acknowledge exactly how difficult it was until I sat down to make my annual "pictures of the grandkids calendar" before the holidays and realized I haven't even taken enough pictures of my own children with my real camera in the past year to make a calendar.  As in - I have not photographed my own children more than 12 times this year.  What the what???  To emphasize how crazy that feels, I've photographed over 40 newborns, hundreds of children and their families, plenty of weddings and a few brand new babies in their first moments this year - but not my own amazingly awesome children??

As much as I can get wrapped up in everyone else's story and making sure I capture their happy moments, I just apparently have not been doing so great with remembering those things for myself and what made me fall in love with photography in the first place - my kids, the connection, the satisfaction of capturing those tiny bits of life that will otherwise fade over time.  It's as if once once I step out of work mode, it's so easy to get caught up in the other stuff -  the homework, and dinner, prepping for the next day, the emails to answer, and on and on.  So when I sat down to make the "grandkids calendar", I realized that perhaps what I really should write about was from my heart - about how much I need Inspire this year.  To be ignited, to be reminded, to be surrounded by so much creative talent that I can't help but force myself out of the rut.

I love what I do... and I am so blessed to be a part of the most intimate moments of so many parents' lives... I'm also not afraid to admit that sometimes I need to remind myself that my dearest moments should be documented too.  As this whole thought came to me, it was kind of full circle because I realized here I am reflecting about my lack of documenting my own family... and last year I was completely blown away by Amy Deputy's keynote and presentation of Shadow and Grace which was so incredibly personal and cherished, and incredibly brave to share.

I know I have plenty to give and teach and talk about, and I'm so SO excited about that... but I'm also so so excited to learn and listen and be Inspired.  This is what our community is all about.  Helping each other, lifting up, friendship and learning.

I know that my heart needs Inspire this year.  Can't wait to see you there!