Inspire Speaker: Chris Williams

Chris Williams

In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2014. Today we'd like to introduce you to Chris Williams of Zoeica Images. Chris is sharing a personal assignment and the happiness of shooting for himself without a schedule and for the pure joy of photography. Chris and Ralph Alswang will show images from their wedding photographic career to start a conversation with Inspire photographers on creating the insight they want for themselves in a the class Vision

Chris Williams

"Lights... flash past... Like memories A speeding head, a speeding heart I'm being born, a bleeding start The engines roar, blood curling wail Head first then foot Then heart sets sail" - Fez, Being Born - U2

It's funny, with three Rebirth Workshops and Retreats under my wing I would think taking on an assignment would be easy. Now I know how the attendees felt! Inspire assigned me to write a blog post about anything but what I'm presenting. Here goes....

When I was five years old I had probably traveled to more areas of the globe than most people ever will in their lifetime. That's not a brag, it's just my family moved around a lot for my dad's job. As a child growing up I just got used to moving and traveling, new towns, new schools, new experiences, some good and some bad. Most likely this is the reasoning behind my love of travel, mainly with aircraft.

No matter where I am, when I hear that familiar roar, my gaze looks upwards. Since my work is mainly in both New Orleans and Washington, DC (and a little here and there), I fly a good amount of the time and I walk through a lot of airports. You’d think I’d tire of looking out the airport windows for the elusive 787 or the wing of a 737 over the clouds. Yeah no way.

Whenever I get the chance, though, I am more deliberative about photographing planes. With my Leica in hand, I post myself at the end of a runway. From the big international planes that take off from LAX to the end of the runway in my "backyard" at DCA to the fields of the Mississippi Delta with crop dusters, I’ll go just about anywhere to photograph aircraft.

I'm not sure if this is a personal project with any goal in mind as it may never end, but it is what I love to do. No clients, no deadlines, no rules. Just flight.

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