In this series of blog posts we are introducing people who are speaking at and attending Inspire 2013. We are delighted to introduce Allana Taranto, owner of ARS MAGNA STUDIO in Boston. Allana will be teaching a class that I am going to camp out to make sure I get into called the Portfolio Hack


As a child, I loved these videos.  Perhaps because I was the one doing her own thing.

And while, as a business, I want to stand out in the crowd, the portfolio (both images and words) should be a unified presence.  Why?  Consistency builds trust.

At a recent wedding ceremony, the rabbi spoke about courage, faith and trust.  These three concepts the the initial foundation of a relationship.  He’s right.  In both a romantic sense, and also for us as one to one service providers.   We want to enter into a relationship with these same building blocks.

Have you ever had someone come over to visit, and as soon as they walk in, you see your home as they see it?  This happens to me all the time. Things that never bothered me before - things that I never even considered to look at are suddenly front and center, glaringly obvious. It's the areas that are clearly doing their one thing.  And it's easy to tell which ones.

Sometimes you need to see through someone else's eyes.  Especially the visual presentation of your business.  Yes, to be sure you can make a connection with someone and take a great picture. You can run a successful business. Can a potential client see what makes you unique right away?

Take a look at your web presence. Sit next to some one and watch as they load and navigate your site(s).  I promise it will be a telling experience.

Are you telling a consistent story?  Do you have to explain where to look?  What to click through? Is there a visual cohesion if ideas, values, tone?

Our eyes go to the things that don’t belong(the brightest or most contrasty area) - You can edit for this and use it to your advantage. (We will talk about this at Inspire)

As photographers, we are reflecting images of our clients lives back at them,  It is can be a powerful position - reinforcing and validating.  We enter this relationship with our clients with courage, faith and trust. Let’s start the at first impression.