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If I wasn't a photographer, I'd be a writer. Or a police officer. Or a mad scientist.

But probably a writer of sorts.

Maybe I'd be a fancy lady with a weekly column dispersing my infinite wisdom to the masses. Or giving my unapologetic opinions on all things current and interesting. Or I'd write a novel about anything BUT vampires and love triangles between hormonal post-teens. But I'd definitely write. Which I do now, but solely in between editing and album design, which doesn't leave me much time to work on my epic prose.

The English language is so vastly underutilized, especially in everyday vernacular and write ups. Maybe it's because we don't want to sound pretentious or hoighty-toighty in front of our peers and friends, so we resort to the overused, like 'cool', 'great' and everyone's favorite: 'awesome'. I am guilty of it myself all the time, "Dude, that was awesome!". I say it pretty much every day.

Just to give you an idea though, here is a list of words off the top of my head that mean the same damn thing: astonishing, awe-inspiring, impressive, magnificent, stunning, wonderful, wondrous, grand, excellent, bang-up, fantastic, incredible, brilliant, spectacular, remarkable, marvelous, superb. Now take the first sentence of your token blog write up from any given wedding: "Harry and Sally's wedding was awesome." and put one of those words in its place: "Harry and Sally's wedding was superb. It was magnificent. It was marvelous." To me, you just made Harry and Sally's wedding sound ten times better than 'awesome' could ever convey.

There's so much you can do with your keyboard. Penning legendary sagas isn't everyone's cup of tea, heck, it isn't most people's cup of tea at all. But us photographers, we write every day. Blog posts, Facebook statuses, Instagram blurbs. We have words on our websites, and next to our images, those words are the most important part of our site because they allow our potential clients to 'meet' us, before actually meeting us.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a thousand words can tell you a story one picture could never. Quotable quotes are as recognizable as images, if not more. The fact that we photographers get to utilize both in our business is pretty fabulous.

So stay away from the mundane, from the cookie cutter and the overused. Skip the part in your 'About Me' page where you tell your potential client you 'love capturing emotion', 'are passionate about photography' and 'creating memories that last a lifetime'. Forget #blessed and #ilovemyjob and for the love of all that is sacred to you, don't be boring. ("Dude, my bio is super boring...but you should hire me anyway because even though I can't think of a way to impart how not boring I am in real life, you should just base your opinion of me entirely on my photos and cross your fingers I won't bore you to death at your own wedding. Also, did you read my last ten Facebook statuses? Because they are equally as boring as the words on my website, but they are accompanied by these really awesome photos I took, so just pretend you didn't read the words and only look at the pictures, mmmkay?!")

Instead, you can write in your own voice every day and come across as the romantic dreamer that you are, or the ballsy spitfire, the thoughtful observer, the carefree hippie, the über-professional.

You can make people smile with your words, make them have a serious case of the feels, make them think, make them question stuff, make them cry. For me, when someone tells me my words made them feel a certain way, well, awesome. ;)

"You really write some of the best posts ever! I feel like I personally watched the video just from reading what u wrote!"

"This cracked me up. Thank you for that."

"So beautifully said. There is no greater love. It's an honor. Thanks for sharing."

"Your voice & story is amazing!"

"Your words made me cry and laugh. This photo, I can't find the words at all. There are none for me that come close, just pure love and pure happiness."

"What a great thing to read on a Monday morning!!"

"I love this! Everything u said is the truth =) needed this today- thank u for sharing!"

"This is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. And the words...I'm so choked up I can't even speak!"

"Your talent sells yourself to me asking you to shoot my wedding someday, but your views on life and personality is the best part! You're AWESOME I love love love your work!"

"Couldn't have been said any better! Thank you for your awesome posts!" "Very well said LD. This post also shows a major strength you possess, integrity."

"well said!!!! I love your candor my friend, always from the heart!" "I really needed to read this today more than any day I can remember recently."

"Not gonna lie... I'm a little more than a little choked up here. Well done LD"

^^^This makes me feel really, really good about what I put out there in the universe. =)

Cheers, LDee