Inspire 2016 Speaker Teri Fiske - My Own Voice

In this series of blog posts, we are introducing the faculty at Inspire 2016. Today we’d like to introduce you to Teri Fiske who will be teaching: Finding Your Fierce

My Own Voice…

As an established Boudoir and Portrait Photographer, I never really considered shooting weddings. In fact, I refused them. A friend asked me to second shoot a wedding when his second shooter bailed, and I relented. Much to my surprise I enjoyed shooting it! We started our wedding business shortly after. It was a great success, building very quickly. I started focusing my attention on the wedding side of our business, with less of my attention going toward Boudoir. My Boudoir business maintained itself, which had the unfortunate side effect of allowing me to continue to not focus on it, although boudoir is definitely my passion. Somewhere along the way I started to realize I had lost my own voice in the chaos of starting the studio. Where was my voice? What represented me in this? I needed to find my voice again. I focused my attention back on what I love most, Boudoir.

So often as artists we lose ourselves. We get wrapped up in selling what ‘they’re’ buying and keeping up with the Joneses. But what draws clients, truly passionate clients to you? What attracts those clients that will tell everyone how amazing you are? What fuels your fire? You! You are what is unique in your business. So to that end I completely redesigned my Boudoir website, I hired a graphic designer to create a logo that represented me in subtle and not so subtle ways. I refocused on what I was passionate about. I discovered in that struggle that I found my voice again and my clients listened, heard me and loved it. This past year has been spent rediscovering my own voice. And I’m enjoying speaking loud and clear.

In finding my own voice again I found people and projects were drawn to my passion. Projects that fed my soul. These photos represent one such project. These are a few images used for a calendar from which the proceeds of the sales were donated to a local eating disorder program. These women bared themselves and their souls to help other women see their own beauty. They are strength personified.

With love, beauty and ferocity,

~ Teri