Inspire 2016 Speaker and Portfolio Reviewer: David Murray

I am a photographer.  I do not have a choice.  I see things.  I have a need to express who I am, who we are as humans, and give observations so as to connect with others and maybe even allow those viewers to connect with each other.  My camera allows me to do this.  It is hard to do it all the time.  And there are some days that I don’t want to pick up my camera.   When I ask myself why I feel like that, the only answer I can come up with is that I am me first.  Being a photographer is just one of the ways that I express who I am.  I love to play guitar with friends.  I love to cook for my family. I love discovering more about who I am and where I am going.  

There was a time when I knew that I could no longer do editorial photography.  And as I said good-bye to that life, I felt a dark void surround me and ask, “Who are you?”  I had seen myself as a photographer for so long that I didn’t know who else I was.  With time, I learned that I was a brother, a dad, a husband, a neighbor, and someone who cared about being all those things. And that was a revelation.  Several years later when someone asked me out of the blue to shoot a wedding, I found that I loved it, embrace it and never looked back.  

So now I know:  Photography is my right arm.  I write with it.  I feed myself with it.  I use it as a mirror to reflect on who I am.   It is not the source of my being, but a reflection of that being.   When I am fatigued from the camera,  I know that I must put it down and find my center.  In doing this, I am able to keep my focus on the larger picture of living and being part of a humanity that is trying to put a positive notion of who we all are, and what we give to one another every day.