Inspire 2013 Speakers Announced!

Michael Donnor

We are beyond excited to announce this lineup of talented and brilliant speakers for Inspire 2013!

Allana Taranto - Portfolio Hack Jared Bauman - Hands on Pricing Intensive, sponsored by ShootDotEdit Tim & Chris Riley - Lightroom Workflow, sponsored by RPG Keys Brian Friedman - Don't just Shoot Weddings David Murray - Intensive Portfolio Critique Beth Fitzgerald - Competing in Competitive Market Michael Donnor - Personal Vision Amber & Eric Langlois - Things We Wish We Had Known Doug Levy - How'd You Light That? Meg Belanger, Krista Guenin, Kristin Chalmers - Panel: Passion Projects Jane Shauck - Making a Financially Comfortable Life With Photography Tomas Flint - Seeds LeeAnn Marie - Efficient Workflow Leah Haydock & Kate McElwee- The Dichotomy of the High-End Bride

Mike & Kate Duval - Step Into The Light Carla Ten Eyck - Know Your Lenses Allana Taranto - Don't Mention It: Intimate Posing for Boudoir Crista Acosta & Nicole Taylor - Baby Portraits Jerome Braga - Real Meaning of "In-Camera" Eric Laurits - How to Headshot

more details, conference schedule and Keynote Speakers coming soon!

If you are wondering what Inspire is all about then this video is worth 1000 words. The wonderful Richard Esposito and Team Boka from The Lightmill produced this video that captures the essence of Inspire. Our attendees and speakers and sponsors take valuable time out of their busy schedules and make a huge commitment to be at Inspire. In this video some of our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizing team members articulate what Inspire is all about. We strive to create a conference environment and culture that is designed not only for learning, but also for fostering friendships that are necessary to grow a succesful business.