i am inspired: stacy hedman

Meet Stacey Hedman, who will be attending Inspire Boston 2011!www.staceyhedman.com

I feel most creative... when surrounded by the energy of other creative and motivated people. In the last few years of building my own business, I've realized that it takes some special guts to do this sort of thing. I find more and more that those kind of people are all around me - those willing to do what it takes to find what they believe in and what motivates them every day. Most folks will say they don't have the time to dedicate, or the technological know-how to start a website. They don't feel they have the skills or that other people need what they might be offering. But I challenged myself to find the time, to learn the technology, and to be confident in what I have to offer. We all did! I love meeting new friends in this industry (photographers, filmmakers, designers, planners, stationers, jewelry-makers) because they are all full of this special energy and inspiration! We're scribbling in notebooks and expressing new ideas (for ourselves and for each other). Being in one room together is never anything short of amazing!

I am inspired by... new years and Mondays. I love the feeling of a clean slate and a re-written to-do list. There's no need to wait until January 1st to start fresh! Sure, I gave Mondays a hard time for most of my life, and many of us do, but these days I'm holding my own little life in the palm of my hand. Every Monday represents a recharged new week ahead - the opportunity to set and achieve new goals. To see myself grow a little more. The opportunity to earn my weekend and recharge again.

My biggest challenge is... saying no. I look back on 2010 and think about the discounts I gave or the things I photographed without heart. Everyone is looking for a deal, whether a portrait client suddenly forgets they need to pay for prints, a business wants my time in exchange for only media credit, or a charity needs coverage for an entire Saturday event. Each time I'm asked to provide something cheaper, it eats away at my own morale. It's hard to say no when people are making an earnest request, but I also need to keep my business, home life and bank account sane. In order to do so in 2011, I'm choosing to adjust my portrait prices upward and stick to them (imagine that!), and to say no to photographing things not core to my business. I've learned to focus my charitable time on the animal rescue organizations that are most important to me. Turning this into positive energy has already started to guide a successful 2011!