I am Inspired: Seth Kaye Photography

This is part of a series of blog posts introducing our Inspire 2012 attendees.
Introducing here: Seth Kaye of Seth Kaye Photography.

Inspire: What are you most looking forward to in your business this year?

Seth: This year I’m most looking forward to connecting with people on a personal level, including vendors and other photographers.  I also want to put a more personal touch on my interactions with clients.

Inspire: What is the most difficult photograph you ever made? Why?

Seth: The most difficult photo for me to make was one of the last I did for any news organization. I was covering a high school graduation where one of the students had been killed that school year. I was there to document his parents receiving an honorary diploma in his name and also gather reactions to the tragedy as a whole. As the school’s principal began to outline the student’s achievements his father, while still seated, began to weep. It was a powerful scene and as he put his head in his hands I captured the raw emotion of the moment. I was congratulated by my editor for the power of the photo, but in retrospect I felt like I was intruding on too private a moment. I was and am a believer in the ability of photojournalism to convey such moments, but for me, for my involvement with it, I felt like I couldn’t be a part of it anymore. Wedding photography with it’s optimism and positivity suits my current temperament much better, where the powerful moments I’m able to capture are joyful ones.

Inspire: What is something you are good at, besides photography?

Seth: My wife and I both like to cook, which is helpful when you’re trying to eat better and be a little healthier. We’re not big on recipes, though we’ll of course follow them if we’re trying to make something specific. We’re more the kind of people who see a pile of ingredients and spices and try to create something new and exciting from them.

Inspire: What would be your dream photography assignment? Why?

Seth: I’m fortunate to have already had my dream photography jobs, the nature of which have changed as I’ve grown. Post-college I worked as a photojournalist, documenting events throughout New England. As I transitioned out of news I worked on the periphery of the music industry photographing musicians and bands for record companies and communications conglomerates. Currently (and finally?) I’m documenting more personal events for individuals. Weddings suit my current artistic obsessions and needs perfectly, and I find myself loving every minute of it.

Inspire: What artists inspire you? Why?

Seth: Many artists inspire me, particularly James Nachtwey, Antonin Kratochvil, Yousef Karsh, and John Singer Sargent, not only for the passionate pursuit their singular visions, but also for their unique and masterful use of light.