One of my goals when shooting any portrait or wedding is to capture at least one hero. One image that contains both the history and the promise of the day.  This can be a double edged sword - once I get it (and I know that I've captured it) I have to work on being present for the rest of the shoot instead of internally celebrating.  It is this hero image that I share with the clients immediately.  It may not be their favorite - but I want to share my artistic vision with them, and I often explain why I love the image to them.

Why is it important? As with design, I want to comunicate the story efficiently. I want to share an image that emotionally resonates with my audience. One single image, and it has to be strong, that conveys the spirit of the shoot, and my point of view as a photographer. This image sells me and Ars Magna.

It's definitely a challenge - to capture one image that can tell the story of both the subject and my sensibilities as a photographer.  For a long while I've been using the image above as my signature image.  2013 is demanding a new one.

Inspire 2013 challenge: Do you already have a hero/signature image?  Does it truly reflect your point of view as a photographer? Does it show what you can consistently deliver to your clients?