Tabitha & Larry Sherrell: Family and Business - Let's Make It Work

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Tabitha & Larry have been discovering ways to work happily together for the past 12 years. They've found balance in their work and family life by focusing on healthy relationships with each other, their children, and their community. At Inspire Boston 2012 they will be hosting a discussion group to encourage and enable you to make the most of your photography business and enjoy your family life! "We are eagerly awaiting Inspire Boston 2012! The past two years have been incredible experiences for us as we have grown to know you and the wonderful people who make up our New England Photography community. Last year at Inspire Boston 2011 we had the opportunity to share our story and our experiences as married photographers with children. We received encouraging feedback and we were inspired to share again by many of the attendees. There was a small time for Q&A at the end of our last session. In 2012 we would like to give a short introduction of ourselves and then quickly go into a discussion group pertaining to Family and Business. We envision the seating to be in the round and we would like to sit with the attendees (not up front), facilitating the discussion and sharing our experiences with the group when it's useful.

We will guide the discussion in the direction of these topics:

  • Relationship Maintenance For Couples Who Work Together
  • Balancing Work and Family Time
  • Work Spaces That Work
  • Community and Why It Is So Important

"It began in the summer of 1997 at a Pub in Beverly, MA. Girl meets boy. Dates in a college darkroom. He knew his stuff. She was a photographers daughter. Anything could happen.

Infrared film, cross processing, push the developer, dodge, burn, kiss.

Some things have changed. Computers are their new darkroom. Their family grew from two to four, unveiling new dimensions of love and new eyes for the world. Photography started off as a dream too lovely to be true. But the opportunities never went away and the love stayed alongside the work. What a gift!"