2012 Speaker Lineup


WE ARE SO EXCITED TO MAKE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT! It's the moment we've all been waiting for... our speakers have been invited and have all confirmed!  We received a ton of wonderful proposals, and had to turn away quite a few that sounded great.  This year we settled on the theme "Turning Personal Creativity into Financial Profits" and this focus helped us hone in on the kind of sessions that we needed to select.

We are putting together a sizzling hot schedule made up of sessions led by the photographers listed below. We'll be announcing course details later, but we wanted to share this amazing lineup right away.

We have a lot more exciting new stuff planned for Inspire 2012, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements!!!

And now.... without further ado... here are our speakers for Inspire 2012:

Robert Norman - Seeing Beyond Seeing Lauren Rutten - Is Your Heart In Your Art? Carla Ten Eyck - Managing, Motivating, and Maintaining an Amazing Team
Danielle Fuller - Time Management 101 Mark Andrew Higgins - Social Search (Online Marketing in a Post-SEO World)
James & Kate Federico - Operation Wedding: Client Communication Workflow Leah Haydock - Profitable Wedding Photography - Lessons from Corporate America
Kristin Korpos - Sales Tax Rocks Doug Levy - Killer Reception Light (Shooting Demonstration) Paul McNerney - Digital Asset Management
Nicki Pardo - Make Anyone Feel and Look Good in Front of the Camera (Shoot)
Allana Taranto - Portfolio Intensive
Larry & Tabitha Sherrell - Family and Business: Let's Make it Work Victoria Schepps - Practical Lessons about Business, Law, and Ethics for Photographers Carrie Draghi - How to Rock Wedding Consults, AND Consistent Reception Lighting with Off-Camera Flash (Shoot) Eric Foley - Making The Jump: Going Full-Time v.2.0, AND The Art of the Engagement Session (Shoot) Amber & Eric Langlois - Explosively Feminine Boudoir, AND Control in an Uncontrolled Environment: Executing Off-Camera Flash on the Wedding Day (Shoot) Asha Ramakrishna - Success in Business: Your Unique Selling Proposition
Lara Woolfson & Kate Harper - Albums: From the Shoot to the Sales Room
Jane Schauck - Commercial Photography Krista Guenin - Using Facebook to Maximize your Business Ned Jackson -  Sourcing Inspiration and Problem Solving in Portraits

We will share details about the schedule and session topics shortly, but for now we wanted to put this list of wonderful photographers out there and encourage you to visit their websites and get to know them. Please don't bombard them with questions about their classes: we promise the schedule with details will be posted here soon!!

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