confession: i hate walking into a party alone

inspire-team-2013 So... who actually likes walking into a party alone? No one I know! I know how much this also bothers others so I try to keep my eyes on the door and be the pair of eyes that are available to catch, should they look. Most people don't look around, they walk in quick, find a path to the kitchen, or the place to put their coat, or find where the bar is! Or if they are coming to a party at my house, they bum rush my pantry and do a shot! I get it. All of it. Social situations can be scary... especially without your camera. See, us photographers use our cameras as our special magic reason to approach anyone for any reason. Well, at least I do. Or at least at weddings anyway... right? Without our cameras we are so much more vulnerable, we have nothing to hide behind.

I have heard that this is the kind of thing that scares potential attendees from coming to workshops or retreats or conferences: not knowing anyone...and I totally get it! But I can tell you this- walking into Inspire is like walking into my pantry! It's warm and inviting and full of food... ok, sort of :)

Eyes up everyone! There are many, many of us there waiting to make eye contact and make you all feel welcome! Can't wait to see everyone there this year!