Composites? Composites!

inspire photo retreat compiste example ars magna A few years ago I attended a Jim Garner presentation at WPPI.  He is all about drama for atmosphere and emotion.  This he says, sells album spreads and wall prints.  His images are gorgeous. They absolutely do resonate with romance, drama and emotion. And they have SKY to die for.  They are also, mostly, created to be more atmospheric and emotional through a skillful use dramatic sky composites.  They are created not through the lens but in post. And they work.  The images look amazing. I’ve trired it. I’ve sold it.

Above is a very quick example. So there was no titian sky. But memory is subjective, right? Does it matter that we didn’t see the sky like that on the wedding day? Did the day feel romantic, dramatic and emotional?  Is it what the client remembers or wants to remember that is most important?

So, here I go. I’m doing it.  I’m reopening that whole pj can of worms. I’m curious who else out there loves them a nice juicy composite? Any tricks you’ve discovered that work?  Point us to some online tutorials.  Send us some examples.