Choosing your path at Inspire: Course Tracks and Themes for Every Level of Photographer

Earlier this week we shared our strategy for getting the most out of a conference in a two-part blog post on In this post we want to help you figure out which parts of this year's Inspire curriculum will benefit you the most! Whether you are just getting started, or you've been in business for many years, there are many classes that are designed to benefit you at every level of your business. We want you to leave our conference "inspired", but Inspire is not a conference where you simply watch slideshows of visually stunning images to “get inspired”. We've worked hard to offer workshop sessions and cultivate an environment where one can explore some of the more challenging aspects of running a studio in great depth.

You’ve conquered the first step: booking weddings and shooting for yourself. You may be well established and running a successful business... but we know you want to do more! WE want to do more too! We want to fine-tune our time-management, find new and additional sources of income, and grow a larger healthier studio. We even want to retire some day! Because of this we have chosen speakers who have the tools to help you, and us, do that together.

Here's a little insight into how our speakers are selected, and how we've encouraged them to prepare for you. One dynamic that we've observed (at our own conference as well as at others we've attended), is that the mid- to advanced-level photographers can be the most difficult group to “teach” to, as far as putting together conference content. Entry level classes aren't appealing to them for obvious reasons. These folks have areas that need improvement (doesn’t everyone?), but they have enough knowledge in certain areas that they might be called 'expert', and could actually teach some of our sessions (in fact, some of them do). In the typical hour-long conference session it’s very hard to present material that has depth and “meat”. So we’ve expanded our conference session time-frame to 1.5 hours. And, we have instructed our speakers to try as much as possible to address the needs of the mid- to advanced-level crowd when constructing their presentations.

No matter how much or how little experience you have, there are some areas of your business that ALWAYS need to be polished!  Whether you are just starting out, established, or a seasoned veteran of wedding and portrait photography, here are classes we are offering that can really help you fine tune what you are doing and become more successful:

Visual, Personal and Business Inspiration:


Legal & Financial Issues:

Growing and Diversifying your Photography Business: 

Balancing Personal & Professional Life:



Organization and Workflow:

Starting Out Right:

Small hands on/demo sessions focused on working with light with three studios:

Hands on shooting sessions with: 

Need more focused help on one of these topics or something else not on this list? This is what our Mentoring Sessions are for. Every conference attendee may choose a 1:1 or Small Group Mentoring Session on the topic of your choice. Mentoring session signups will begin on March 1.

As you can see, there's something for everyone!  No matter what area of your business you'd like to grow, Inspire will provide the space for you to learn. We can't wait to see you at our 3rd and most amazing inspire Photo Seminar to date!

PS - just because a class has "101" in the title doesn't mean you probably know it already! It just means we all need to brush up on these skills!!