Carla Ten Eyck: Managing, Motivating and Maintaining an Amazing Team


Carla will show how she finds, trains and keeps the best employees- all while keeping them creatively fulfilled and happy! Find how you can motivate and inspire people to care about your work as much as you do! "Photographing a wedding is never really a one man show- whether you have a team of employees or not there are always players that need to be managed. Apply Carla's team building strategies to your current situation and get people excited to work with you!Carla will cover how she runs her beehive of a studio with designers, studio managers, associate photographers and more. How is everyone kept happy, challenged and fulfilled- all while not wanting to leave Carla or her studio and really putting their best foot forward!

Carla has been joyfully photographing weddings for the past nine years all over the New England area! She received her BFA in photojournalism from the prestigious RIT in 1995. Carla’s segue into documenting weddings was natural and combined her best skill sets of photographing people, moments and emotions with style, beauty and a sense of humor.

With three associate photographers , Carla runs her studio out of her childhood home in Hartford.

In addition to photographing weddings, for four years Carla has been teaching photographers to step outside of their comfort zones in monthly photography workshops called Ten Eyck Tuesdays.

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