Breathing Space

There is a part of our brain that is deliberate when we compose an image. uh, yes. really, somewhere in there, it there is intention.    What we see, how we see and how we use what we see (the elements inside of the frame) is what makes our images unique.  It’s what makes up our unique POV (point of view).

Ars Magna Studio | The Visual Thinker | Positive and Negative Space from Ars Magna Studio on Vimeo.

The actual things within this frame are called positive space, the area around them is called negative space. Negative and positive space combine to create an image and should be in a nice happy dialogue with each other.  We can easily see it in a silhouette, right?   Dark (figure) against a light background (ground) is easy to see as positive and negative space.

Here is an image, courtesy of Simi Rabinowitz, that shows the figure/ground relationship in silhouette, making it very easy to identify the negative and positive space. We can easily see it in a silhouette, right?   The couple becomes a bit more anonymous now, perhaps iconic even and though we, as the viewers, are far away from the subjects, the framing of their bodies in profiles creates a further intimacy.

Here the space between the two lovers is highlighted. For me, the image becomes about more than just two people, but about the energy literally between them.  Jules Ko has brought the viewer fairly close to this dynamic, and we can feel the tension (the good kind!) in the negative space.

I’m all about the negative space.  I love the clean dramatic and modern look.  Not just in photographs, but in album designs, in arranging and rearranging artwork on the walls of my apartment, most often seen in my propensity for large areas of solid color or that terrifyingly gorgeous white beast - the blank page.

But enough, already, about me. Link some of your favorites below.

The Visual Thinker, Boston Wedding and Portrait Photographer Allana Taranto of Ars Magna Studio, is a fan of Law and Order, particularly the Law half, and more specifically if Mike Logan is on the case.