Asha Ramakrishna: Target Market & Unique Selling Point

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Success in photography is guaranteed when   1.know who you are as an artist  2. know  who your ideal client is.  You will identify your overall unique selling proposition, and who your ideal client is. Then everything else is easy; you know how to market, what packages to offer, and your level of confidence, success, and growth will be automatic results if you stay consistent and committed to what you uncover in this workshop. This workshop is for people at any level as participants are taken through a process of identifying their strengths, likes, dislikes, and really zeroing in on what is their unique selling proposition. From this place, participants can get clarity of their ideal client.

Many people market to some mirage of a bride/ groom who they perceive is the client "out there", but the reality is that there is a client for every photographer. This is an exercise of de-mystifying how to attract the right client, and allows for a solid foundation to come back to in making any business decision. From marketing, selling, package structure, pricing strategy, and overall workflow.

This process is eye opening, and really forces each photographer to think about their business from a sustainable model; not a one year adventure. When each photographer can determine their specific niche, and stay in integrity with this finding, the client attraction process is seamless and effortless.

Prior to being the Director of Business Development for DMPJ by Glen Cooper, Asha worked in the Biotech industry and provided strategic coaching to the Sales team. Being a rebel at heart, she could not stand the corporate red tape, and decided to leave and help her husband create a successful wedding photography business.  Asha is committed to helping artists do the work they love and create a sustainable, profitable and satisfying business from their craft.