An Interview with Cig Harvey - Capturing The Magical In The Mundane

Cig Harvey, a photographer and author based in Maine. Cig is known for creating exploratory images that capture both the magic and the realism found in daily moments.

The slow passing of time and the natural surroundings of her rural home has made her alert to the magic in the mundane.
Seshu sat down recently to talk about her work, her books, and her class at Inspire Photo Retreats this year:

Cig credits a welcoming community for her return to the Inspire Photo Retreats. She will be walking people through her process of creating photographs that are part of a larger personal story.

Her two books – You Look At Me Like An Emergency and Gardening At Night – are collector’s items and are out of print. Meanwhile, here is a small sample of her work:

If visual storytelling is your thing, you won’t want to miss this class!

Yup, you can register now.

Republished from Tiffinbox. Thanks Seshu for doing these wonderful interviews for Inspire