We've Added Two New Alternative Process Workshops!

We're excited to announce two intensive workshops at Inspire! Sarah Dugan will be teaching a Cyanotype workshop and Jessica Del Vecchio will be teaching a Salt Prints workshop. storyboard001

Exploring Salted Paper Printing & other Alternative Printing Processes: If you've ever been interested in learning alternative printing processes, salted paper printing is a great jumping off point. It doesn't require a lot of fancy or expensive equipment or a dark room. Once you learn the basics with salted paper printing, you'll be ready to experiment with platinum, albumen, cyanotypes, etc. This hands-on class will start with learning how to create digital negatives, preparing the salted paper, learning how to make a contact print, and how to develop and fix your prints. We will experiment with toning and finishing prints. I will also teach my tricks for making contact printing frames easily and inexpensively. We will take a look at examples of other alternative printing processes and I will explain the history of these processes and how the techniques of salted paper printing can be applied to other processes.

Cyanotypes - An alternative to enhance your creative process: With the resurgence in popularity of old-school technology in photography, cyanotypes can include both traditional film capture and the digital world. In this hands - on workshop, learn how to create cyanotypes using your own images in transparency form via a contact printing process. This class has been crafted for those who want to explore an alternative technique that expands the artists' creative process and results in an archival work of art.

If you're interested in learning more make sure to check them out as well as all the Inspire workshops and classes. https://inspire2015.sched.org/